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An individual influences and inspires people on a daily basis. There are many types of influence, including emotional influence, logical influence, and peer pressure influence.
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What type of Influencer are you?

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There are two main types of influence: positive and negative. Positive influence can motivate someone to do something beneficial for themselves and/or others. Negative influence can encourage someone to do something harmful to themselves and/or others.

Most of us can think of someone in our lives that we look up to as a positive inspiration. On the flip side, we can remember someone who was not. You know, the one your parents didn’t like because they were a bad influence on you. However, there are other types of influence that break down even more from the two main categories. Let’s take a look:


Emotional Influence

Emotional influence occurs when we try to persuade someone by using an emotional appeal of some sort. This is a very effective type of influence if that person has emotional investment in what you are trying to get them to do.

Logical Influence

Logical influence happens when we attempt to motivate someone by appealing to logic, or demonstrating how the issue makes sense to them. This kind of influence is more effective to people who prefer facts and reasoning.

Peer Pressure Influence

Peer pressure influence takes place when we seek to convince someone on the basis of a relationship. This sort of influence is very effective with people who place a high value on fitting in and feeling like they’re part of something important.


We are all influenced on a daily basis, as we also influence others on a daily basis. Most of the time, we may not even realize it. Use your influence to be a positive strength within your circumstances. You never know who you may be inspiring and influencing!

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