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Shaping Culture

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At EDGES we are passionate about shaping cultures to provide consistent inclusion, dignity and respect while expecting a solid commitment to excellence.  Healthy cultures are inclusive. Inclusion leads to solid diversity and a collection of differing viewpoints that make the company stronger.  

A healthy culture is critical to any organization’s success, but most organizations have components within their culture that are not planned.  They evolve without planning and they may not support success.  Intentional, proactive culture shaping should be a regular part of leadership planning.

Enhancing or shaping culture is systemic and it will not happen only because you say it should. It will not make progress even if you talk about it.  You must talk about it for it to start, but then there are several variables necessary to set up an environment in which every employee will support the culture.  Culture is what’s rewarded around here.  True culture is what people do when nobody is watching. 

Culture must support the needs of the business and should be integrated into all efforts related to business/strategic planning, talent management and development, process efficiency and should be fully supported by technology.  Any time we assist a company with a solution, we do the work with culture goals in mind.  As a result, organizations can see systemic changes to enhance the culture of the workplace, customer experience and commitment to the things that are truly important to success. 

Authentic and systemic culture change is comprised of the following 5 components, which make up the EDGES™ EDGE.