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Inter Face Methods Learning eXcelerator™


Discover your gateway to improvement.

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How It Works

The Learning eXcelerator™ is a 15 minute online experience providing participants with behavioral feedback in 3 preference areas:


  • Methods of working
  • Ways to form and socialize ideas
  • Patterns of influence


Within each area participants will learn about their preferred methods, how they prefer to inter face with others and develop strategies to adapt to differences.


After taking the online tool, participants will receive a detailed report and a link to a video summary.   Both will include individualized feedback in these 3 areas of day-to-day behaviors:

"Inter Face Methods™ and the teaching with it, gave me a new set of tools to communicate more effectively with those who do not process information the same way and/or are not driven by the same goals."

David Inglis - VP Sales, Libman

"We, as a group, experienced a great number of breakthroughs in helping see each other’s styles. The eXcelerator™ has been repeatedly useful and was eagerly accepted by staff of all bents and backgrounds."

Dr. Bryan Harvey - Harvey Pediatrics

Methods of Working

An “Evergreen” is consistent.

  • They process with strong attention to detail. They think with a linear approach.

A “Changing Leaf” is evolving.

  • They look for new and different ways to get the job done. They think in multiple dimensions with a circular approach.

Ways to Form and Socialize Ideas

A “Tree” likes to develop ideas by themselves.

  • They will fully formulate their thinking internally and the idea will gain momentum through their internal dialogue and analysis.

A “Forest” likes to develop their ideas with input from others.

  • They formulate their thinking by processing externally and the idea will gain momentum through discussion.

Patterns of Influence

A “Direct” tends to be very upfront and clear with others.

  • They prefer to be honest and forthcoming with a blunt approach to saying exactly what they mean.

A “Cautious” tends to be very diplomatic and tactful with others.

  • They are patient and considerate, subtle and sensitive in their approach.

Maximize the Power of Diversity

People interpret everyday behaviors, words, and idioms differently, which can inadvertently cause conflict between teams and result in exclusion or dysfunction. What if you and your team could learn to capitalize on these differences and achieve the opposite effect? The Learning eXcelerator™ will enable your team members to develop a better ability to adapt to differences. An environment rich in inclusion and common ground will ensure maximum leverage of talent.

Expand Your Team's Adaptability

When working with others who use a different approach, it is important to learn how to adapt in order to understand each other and work cohesively together. The Learning eXcelerator™ is distinctly different from other surveys in that it is behavioral and can enable adaptation. In doing so participants learn how to influence and collaborate more effectively with internal teams, customers, and prospects.

Turn Divisiveness into Cohesion

When a team understands their method and individuals learn how to recognize and adapt to other methods, the team will connect better and work more cohesively together. The same concepts can be applied when deciding the best approach to connect with prospects, service customers, sell ideas and inspire/lead employees.

Learn each other’s differences…Accept the differences…Connect despite differences.


Start Your Organization

Get your team started with an email to Maggie@getedges.com. Someone will contact you shortly to set up your account and enroll your participants. During this exchange we will also want to understand your goals and recommend best methods of roll-out. As each person completes the tool, they will receive their report and a powerful video to explain the results. Leverage this work deep in your talent development efforts.

Learn On Your Own

Sign up with an email to Maggie@getedges.com. Once we receive your request, we will send you a secure request for payment followed by a link to take the Learning eXcelerator™. After you complete the online tool, your report will automatically be emailed to you along with a powerful video to explain the results.

Business hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 CT – 5:00 CT