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Our services help businesses like yours grow by implementing a high level strategy and focusing all resources and operations to achieve your strategic goals.
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(e)Gauge™, our sister company, helps stakeholders succeed by providing the easy-to-use applications necessary for them to focus, leverage talent, raise efficiency, and honor accountability.

Talent Management

Manage performance with this competency-based analysis tool to highlight strengths and gaps in your staff and properly align talent with their most fitting roles. (e)Talent™ allows administrators full control over the hierarchy of their organization. With the ability to define competency-based job descriptions, you’ll hold employees accountable through goal setting and detailed performance evaluations. These quantifiable measures, along with detailed reporting will assist you in making well-informed decisions both for the company and it’s personnel, while growing the potential within your team.

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Strategic Execution

Achieve alignment through all phases of your business operations with this collaborative planning and management tool. The (e)Map™ app allows you to assign an owner and due date to each aspect of your strategy while keeping all relevant information tidy and easily accessible. Automated notifications and reminders sync teams while managers can take advantage of customizable reporting to hold their finger on the pulse of the organization and foster accountability. Strategic planning and execution, the most important aspects of long term business growth and sustainability, are simply effortless with this web tool.

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