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Patti Leith


Passion: Patti has dedicated her entire career to inclusive workplace cultures. She is energetic about equality and cares greatly about building collaborative teams. Her life’s work has been to teach people how to judge less and include more.

“I believe only organizations that intentionally shape a positive culture and align culture to their strategic objectives, will succeed. Everyone plays a vital part. When people learn to embrace differences and collaborate, they can solve extreme problems, together. When everyone does this, the organization is unstoppable.” - Patti

Key Corporate Positions:

  • Food Lion, Inc. - Store Manager; Director,Organizational Development; Top HRD/Strategy/Culture Leader through Prime Time Live-1992 Crisis for 70,000 employees
  • Walmart/Sam’s Club - Director of People Development, Sam’s Club Division
  • Founded EDGES™, Inc. in 2001; co-founded (e)Gauge™, Inc. in 2009; and co-founded Unform Your Bias™ in 2016

Major Accomplishments:

  • Creator - Inter Face Methods Learning eXcelerator™ to build tolerance, collaboration and inclusion
  • Author, Judge Not, A Guide to Influence People Who Think Differently
  • Product Designer - (e)Talent™ culture shaping, competency-based Talent Management system

Emphasis: Leadership Assessment and Coaching, Organizational Development and Strategic Planning, and Talent Management

Ken Leith

Managing Partner

Passion: Ken has a belief that when positive energies and diverse experiences are harnessed, powerful teams are formed and greatness is possible. He has a vision for quality, efficiency and systemic alignment through metrics.

“I believe that metrics aligned with the targeted change are the critical, and most often overlooked, elements of successful corporate change. Some organizations measure too much and lose sight of their true benchmarks, while others overlook measurement altogether due to the fear of change.  Without clear goals and metrics, there is no true accountability.” - Ken

Key Corporate Positions:

  • Ryland Homes and Regency Homes - Director of Customer Service; Media/Consumer Affairs
  • Brookfield Homes - Director of Purchasing; Senior Operations/Production Leader for Dominion Branch in DC
  • Joined EDGES™, Inc. in 2006; co-founded (e)Gauge™, Inc. in 2009; and co-founded Unform Your Bias™ in 2016

Major Accomplishments:

  • Creator - Brookfield Homes Quality Council - a first in industry partnership with vendors to develop higher standards for quality, efficiencies and customer service, doubling revenues in 18 months
  • Co-Author, Food Safety, A Roadmap to Success outlining methodology to shape culture
  • Product Designer - (e)Map™ Strategy Design and Execution system

Emphasis: Change Management, Strategic Planning, Process Efficiency, Organizational ROI Metrics

Jim Brammer

Chief Business Growth Visionary

Passion: Jim’s passion for Client success lies in the development of processes and strategies to increase effectiveness and drive sustained revenue growth. Founded in the methodical analysis and reformulation of sales, marketing, alternate channels and business infrastructure, this is accomplished primarily through the deployment and enablement of high-performance teams pursuing excellence in market innovation and complex enterprise solution sales.

“People buy from people they like. The key to success in complex and large enterprise sales is to obtain buy-in and support at all levels – not only from Clients, agencies and channels external to the corporate organization, but also from internal cross-functional and cross-organizational teams with conflicting agendas, which must be unified through aligned objectives in order to deliver on unique Client requirements.” - Jim

Key Corporate Positions:

  • IBM – 30-year career spanning Customer Engineering, IT Management/Outsourcing Consulting, Global Business Development, M&A Sales Team Integration and Worldwide Solution Sales. Managed, developed and delivered curricula for IBM’s Top Gun Sales Training program worldwide.
  • Object Associates – Director, Technology Commercialization Services - Consulting firm specializing in high-tech business development and marketing strategies.
  • Interface Dimensions – Founder, President and Managing Consultant – Delivering global business development and sales innovation solutions.

Major Accomplishments:

  • Led IBM task force that conceived, created and implemented IBM’s entry into the IT outsourcing market. Managed outsourcing feasibility studies, sales and RFP responses for $30 mil, 10-year Client commitments.
  • Achieved 59% year-to-year revenue growth for IBM Consulting Group; 240% of worldwide revenue target for IBM Business Performance Management offering; and 75% year-to-year revenue growth for Object Associates.
  • Attained 131% of alternate channel revenue plan while managing product introductions and business partner relationships with over 100 IBM Business Partners worldwide; achieved 3x year-to-year revenue growth while integrating DataPower acquisition into IBM Software Sales organization.

Emphasis: Complex solution sales management; consulting practice management; consultative sales training, enablement, account planning and execution; technology commercialization; alternate channel and business partnership development, deployment and management; acquisition sales team integration.