Edges | 3 Tips to Become More Effective in Meetings
Apply practices to ensure your meetings become more effective. They will enforce time management, productivity, and participation. They include setting goals, providing an agenda, and staying on point.
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3 Tips to Become More Effective in Meetings

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We are all busy, most of us wishing we had more time in the week. This being said, some days are packed full of meetings that seem like the biggest waste of time where nothing is accomplished. Here are some simple tips to increase the effectiveness of your meetings.


Set a goal

As you begin the meeting, make sure everyone is aware of the end goal and understands what you want to accomplish. What problem are you trying to solve, or what ideas are you trying to come up with? Keeping an end goal in mind ensures that something will be accomplished. Also, some people respond and work better with an end goal in mind.


Provide an agenda in advance

Providing an agenda in advance assists greatly in managing time during the meeting. It also is very helpful for those who prefer to think and prepare ideas before attending a meeting. If you need time to brainstorm with attendees, note it in the agenda alongside each topic that will be open for brainstorming. By doing this, you will get better responses and more participation.


Stay on point

This may be the biggest challenge during meetings, not to mention a frustrating waste of time. Sometimes wandering off track can be a good thing, with excellent ideas resulting from it. Other times, straying off the topic has no relevance to the issues on the agenda. If you tend to allow meeting discussions to get off topic, recognize this and improve it, or delegate someone to keep the discussion on point.


Working these practices into your meetings will increase efficiency regarding use of time, as well as effectiveness of collecting input from attendees.


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